We've been talking that talk on the website, now it's time to walk the walk, digitally speaking mind you. Please check out the "quirky" sounds of The Ergs.


Trouble in River City - A small taste from our upcoming 2nd album, upstairs/downstairs.

Kinda Like Smitten - Here's the newest jam from our soon to be released on CD 7song EP(?), Jersey's Best Prancers.

Everything Falls Apart (And More) - From our album, dorkrockcorkrod. The song that should have gone on Husker Du's second record. What?

1000 Letters (aka 1 Kilo-Letter) - Here is Mike's love lorn tale of a relationship gone bad. Sounds a bit Elvis Costello-y if you ask me.

Pranksters theme - Go to your local Best Buy. Purchase SNL's Best of Christopher Walken. Watch said dvd in its entirety (including the dress sketches.) Then download this mp3.

(We're Gonna to Have a) Devo Christmas - The Ergs got into Devo around xmas time one year so we wrote a song about it. And yes, we always act like Simpsons (and Bad News) characters when we excitedly receive Christmas presents. Thanks mom(s)!

Xerox Your Genitals, Not The Ramones - If you're going to imitate The Ramones, we say do it by the book because the ghosts of Ramones past are watching. The Huntingdales got nothing on us!

The Ergs on WFMU - you can listen to our whole set.


Adult Swim bump, version 1 (Quicktime file) - We recorded a short thrash song that was featured in one of those oh so hip Adult Swim commercials known as "bumps". Thanks MC.