The Slashing Ass Across America Tour 2002

All Photos by Melissa Siclari

This tour was a lot of fun.We booked it ourselves and it covered most of the midwest out to Iowa. We played a lot of living rooms, basements, halls, and even breakfast nooks. For some reason every band we played with had a drummer that used a double kick pedal, regardless of their sub-genre of music. We scared the shit out of friend Steve Hinckley by showing up at his door unannounced at 3AM. I remember my allergies acting up real bad and getting a lot of mucus from sneezing on my bass while playing.

The tour got its name from a comment Mike's stepbrother, Cheese, made on an old Ergs CD. Cheese's band, Johnny Hot Dog & The Condiments were to accompany us on this tour, but alas, they were too lazy to show up at my house the day of the tour.