Going Back to Cali

We're hitting California with Copyrights and Pity Party!


Thu March 16th San Diego, CA at Casbah w/Copyrights and Pity Party

Fri March 17th San Pedro, CA at The Sardine w/Copyrights and Pity Party

Sat March 18th San Francisco, CA at Bottom of the Hill w/Copyrights and Pity Party

Sun March 19th Los Angeles, CA at Teragram Ballroom *PLAYING ALL OF DRCR* w/Copyrights and Pity Party

End of the year shows

Playing some shows because we're still alive

Sa. December 4th Asbury Park, NJ at House of Independents w/Hunchback and Glazer

Sa. Decmeber 11th Baltimore, MD at The Ottobar w/Saffron and Dinged Up

Thu. December 30th Brooklyn, NY at Brooklyn Monarch w/Shellshag and Joy Cleaner

Fifteen Years Strong

Playing some shows to commenmorate 15 years of dorkrockcorkrod

Sa. Sept. 7 Philly, PA First Unitarian Church TIX

Sep.13,14,15 Chicago, IL Douglas Park TIX

Fr. Nov. 15 Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn Bazaar TIX

Sa. Nov. 16 Washington, DC St. Stephens Church TIX

Sa. Dec. 7 Asbury Park, NJ House of Independents TIX

Sa. Dec. 14 Allston, MA Great Scott (early) TIX

Sa. Dec. 14 Allston, MA Great Scott (late) TIX

Riot Squad

Looks like we're playing Riot Fest in Chicago this year! More news coming.

Pep Talk

We're going to play one last show with The Descendents (of all bands!) on December 2nd, 2017 at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. Get tickets now, kids.

The ReemERGence

1. Cable TV Debut - Thanks to everyone who watched the live stream and periscope of The Ergs playing on the Chris Gethard show. The episode we are on aired on Weds. May 18th and our whole 11 song set is up on YouTube now.

2. This Aint Permanent - Our return is very finite. It started at the Chris Gethard Show taping and will extend to Fest. We do not plan on doing anything as The Ergs after that at this time.

3. Get to Fest - In case you havent heard, we are playing a reunion at Gainesville Fest this fall. We can already hear the grumbling begin (NJ people, we are looking at you) over our decision to play a reunion show in Florida and only Florida. One of the many reasons we decided to do our reunion at Fest is we always had a home there when we were an active band. By that we mean that whenever we would play Fest, we would always get to see all the folks we knew from all over the country and world from touring. If you have never been to Gainesville Fest, make this your excuse to check it out for once. We are sure The Ergs are not the only band on the roster you would like to see. So if you want to see us one more time, get those Fest tickets!

4. New Ergs 7inch out before Fest - As a way to commemorate our brief return, we secretly recorded a 4 song EP several months ago. It is called Goddamn Death Dedication and it will be on Whoa Oh Records. There is one song written by each band member and a cover. We think it came out pretty nifty. Get one here: whoaohrecords.com

5. Solamente Erg - Mikey Ergs solo debut LP Tentative Decisions (Don Giovanni Records) is coming out even sooner than The Ergs 7inch. If you like The Ergs, you will definitely enjoy his first full length record. Mikey will also be doing a full band set of his solo stuff at Fest and continuing with his new stuff after The Ergs are done again. Make sure you see him doing his own thing one way or another!

6. Hindsight is 20/20, My Friend, Vol. II: OK, Enough Reminiscing - Speaking of records, some people have inquired about the status of our much delayed 2nd singles collection. Here is the deal: we realize that in 2016, you can do a concatenation of all of a bands singles tracks in itunes and make your own singles collection, which means maybe it is not worth it to press physical copies of a singles collection anymore. Because of this, we have elected to self-release our 2nd collection digital-only. You might say, Well why would I pay my hard earned money for a singles collection on your bandcamp page when you JUST told me that I could easily assemble one myself? Good question! We put a lot of time into the song selection, sequencing, and mastering of our own Ergs singles collection part II. There is at least one song that has never left tape before now and everything has been cleaned up to sound great like one cohesive program. Ours will also come with a pdf of liner notes giving a breakdown of the origin of all the songs. This will of course be very reasonably priced considering it will be digital-only. More on this in the next couple of months.

Still hanging in there

Just posted some copies of The Ergs Blue single in our webstore. Distro copies of the new Hamiltons 7" (our friends from the north) coming soon!

Holy shit, I haven't touched this thing ina  while

Well folks, I guess there hasn't been a whole hell of a lot to report over at drcr in the last year or so.  Hindsight II is still in the can but with no immediate plans for release.  Don Giovanni has pressed dorkrockcorkrod again in honor of the 10th anniversary of its release.  Do grab one of those from our webstore.

Been a While Since I rapped at ya...

Hey everyone, I know I haven't updated this thing in a while.  We're still working on the art for Hindsight is 20/20 volume two.  In the meantime, I have a full size run of the Ergs blue ink on black tee shirt.  Check the merch section to pick up one of those.

Checking In (He's Checking In)

Hey everyone, haven't updated good ole dorkrockcorkrod.com in a while it seems, but rest assured I am still selling whatever merch I have - the webstore is still active.  In addition, I am working on "Hindsight is 20/20, My Friend Volume 2: Ok Enough Reminiscing", our second and final singles collection.  It will be coming out on Dirtnap Records sometime in 2013.  Mikey Erg and I finished the audio master and it sounds great.  More on that as it unfolds.