Frequently Asked Questions

We, The Ergs, have been asked a number of queries more than once. To avoid repeating ourselves, we've prepared this little FAQ section to minimize inefficiancy at our numerous press conferences.

Q: So you guys must really like The Descendents, huh?

A: Yes, of course we like The Descendents. Our question to you is this: who doesn't like The Descendents?

Q: I was watching Sealab 2021/Aqua Teen Hunger Force last night, and I happened to spy "The Ergs" written in graphitti on a pay phone in the show. WTF?

A: We have a friend who works for The Cartoon Network in Georgia, specifically the Adult Swim cartoon lineup. He was the voice of Hesh on Sealab. His name's MC, his band is Lee Majors. Put him on the bill, and boy you hit paydirt. When he's on the mic, the girlies wanna fliz-irt, but he tells 'em "chill" like a DQ blizzard.

Q: I noticed that there are three k's equally spaced in the title of your debut album, dorKrocKcorKrod. So when are you guys going to get the 4th Reich off the ground?

A: The placement of k's in our debut album is an unfortunate side effect of the palindromic nature of the album title. Besides, we're not scheduled to start the 4th Reich until like, the end of next year at the earliest. Sheesh.

Q: Hey, what the hell is an Erg anyway?

A: An Erg is a unit of energy in metric units using cgs (centimeters, grams, seconds) notation. It is the amount of energy used when applying a force of one dyne over a distance of one centimeter. It is also equal to one ten-millionth of a joule. I've also learned that "erg" is slang for "ergometer" a piece of rowing training equipment used by crew teams. Also, as Jay of Hunchback has just pointed out to me, an Erg is a sandy desert area, a large relatively flat area covered with shifting wind-swept sand, mainly located in the Sahara.

Q: How do you spell your band's name?

A: That's a good question, true believer. A question that more SHOW PROMOTERS SHOULD ASK US BEFORE THEY AGREE TO HAVE US PLAY A SHOW!!!! The following is a list of band names and spellings that are not ours (but that we have been called):

1. The Urge
2. The Urgs
3. Urgh: A Music War
4. The Burbs
5. The Eros
6. The Herbs

The correct way to spell the group's name is T-H-E E-R-G-S.

Q: What is "emo"?

A: Jeez, what is it, 2002 all over again? I think we're to the point where nobody cares about this anymore, thank God.

If you have a question, ask it frequently and we'll post it in this section.